EST. 2009 



▲  Innovation in Fashion & Technology  - 2009 -  Curtin University

▲  Absolute Creative Designer Award   - 2010 -  DCA W.A.


From the designer :

After graduating from university I was excited by the idea of creating something new and un-found. 
With a love of sewing and the hand-made, and following the women generations before me as seamstresses, I wanted to establish my own Self-titled brand.

i am influenced by architecture, architects & their theories, minimalist structures, and as of recent, nature, Exploring contrasts in design, I love to challenge myself through my work and experiment with new technologies and ideas. 

Fundamentally 'DANIELLA CAPUTI' is built upon the ideals of 'less is more' and 'quality over quantity'. With the importance of our garments ethically manufactured, designed, sewn and made locally in Western Australia. 

Thank you so much for supporting our brand, and also for supporting local, 

Much love, 

            D A N I E L L A   C A P U T I 

            D A N I E L L A   C A P U T I